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Relieving pain related but not limited to: nerves, arthritis, MS symptoms Reducing inflammation & muscle spasms. Easing chemotherapy-related symptoms: nausea, vomiting, pain Anxiety and depression relief. Decreasing insomnia symptoms. Treating acne and psoriasis. Muscle relaxation. Preventing stress-induced blood pressure changes.
In 2001, together with 3 of my closest friends, we founded Stand by Me, a community organization that focuses on people living with cancer. Through Stand by Me, a team of dedicated volunteers and I assist those struggling with the disease by arranging transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, helping them through chemotherapy and radiation, providing hot meals and childcare, and maintaining a fund for necessities for those in need. More importantly, Stand by Me is a local organization of people helping people by building not just a community, but a family — and through a family, hope.
I’m honored to show people that if we will use CBD, our magical body will do the rest. I believe in it with all my heart and in using it with myself, my children, and my family.

I am so proud of CBD BioCare By Ori

CBD BioCare By Ori

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CBD BioCare By Ori

When I immigrated to California in 1993 with my wife, the change of culture was a shock, but one of my most important life changes.

I am so grateful that my three children, Alex, 21, Yoni, 18, and Noah, 12, have the privilege of growing up in such an amazing country where, with effort & passion, anything is possible.

Every project I have thrown myself into has been centered around leaving a positive impact.

During my experience supporting cancer patients, I discovered CBD and the amazing effects it had to make them happier and healthier. CBD then became one of my passions, and I later dove into educating others on the proven magical effects of the plant.

CBD Benefits Include:

Cancer Patient Support:

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